Reverse Mortgage Funding is Here for You

Entering retirement, you may be considering loan options to help give you financial peace of mind. Many of these options may involve your home’s mortgage or equity and the desire to relocate after retirement. Unfortunately, more and more traditional lenders are putting restrictions on new loans and lines of credit at this time.

When these traditional lenders are restricting your ability to retire comfortably, Reverse Mortgage Funding is here to help successfully fund your well-deserved retirement.

Did you know that in a blind test, most people chose a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit over a traditional Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)? 

Watch this quick 2-minute video from RMF to find out why a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit is the way to go!


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Source: RMF Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020
Source: LendingTree and Trustpilot Ratings and Reviews, as of March 2021

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The Benefits of Semi-retirement (and How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help)

If you’re approaching retirement age, don’t assume that the only successful retirement plan is one in which you never work again.

Semi-retirement often means keeping one foot in the workforce. You may shift to fewer hours at your current job, or leave your career for part-time work that’s less demanding or more fulfilling. Roughly 29% of U.S. workers ages 61-66 plan to reduce their work hours as they transition to retirement.

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