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There’s No Place Like Home: Leveraging Your Home Wealth to Age in Place
Retirement News, Retirement Planning

There’s No Place Like Home: Leveraging Your Home Wealth to Age in Place

An estimated 47% of men and 58% of women age 65 and older will need some type of long-term care in their lifetime.Seventy-seven percent would prefer home care, receiving assistance with daily living activities, such as housework, shopping and personal care, as well as their medical needs.

While aging in place is the preferred option for many, it’s not always financially realistic, depending on the level of care needed. Help is available, but it often comes at a cost:

  • Adult day care — $1,603 per monthFor retirees who like to socialize and stay active, there are over 3,500 adult daycare centers currently operating in the U.S. Most centers offer meals, exercise, activities and transportation, and some also have services for the memory impaired. 
  • Home health aide — $4,576 per month. A professional home health aide can come to your home each day to check vitals and help with administering medications and activities of daily living, such as bathing or eating. 

Services such as Medicare PACE Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) do provide no-charge in-home support for Medicare beneficiaries who would otherwise require a nursing home. While these programs don’t cover 24/7 personal supervision, they include medical and some personal care, enabling many retirees to remain at home. However, program availability in certain areas may be limited.

If you’re a homeowner age 55 or older (in select states)*, a reverse mortgage may be able to help with financing your care to remain at home***, along with covering other expenses of daily living. 

Better living in familiar surroundings

For qualified borrowers, a reverse mortgage allows you to free up the cash you’ve built up in your home, all while you continue to live in it and own it with your name on the title. The funds can be accessed as a lump sum, monthly payments, a standby line of credit to fall back on**. Best of all, you can use the money as needed, whether it’s to pay for health-related expenses, eliminate credit card debt, fund a new hobby or travel the world. 

Aging at home allows you to enjoy more privacy and comfort. But even if you’re living independently now, you never know what the future may bring. That’s why the funds from a reverse mortgage can also be used to make home modifications that make aging in place safer and more feasible. For example, you can modify a bathroom to include a walk-in tub or relocate a primary bedroom suite to the ground level of your home.

Keep in mind, if you have a condition that may require long-term care at a facility in the future, a reverse mortgage might not be the best option. As a borrower, under the terms of the loan, your home must typically be the primary residence.

At Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC (RMF), our experienced loan specialists look forward to speaking with you to discuss how a reverse mortgage can benefit your retirement. Call us at (888) 277-1567 to set up a convenient time to touch base and get your questions answered. 

This content is sponsored by RMF, one of the nation’s leading reverse mortgage lenders. We are dedicated to helping older Americans retire more freely, in the comfort of their own homes. As a result of our commitment to providing an extraordinary and positive customer experience, we have earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating; a 4.7-star / Excellent score on Trustpilot; 4.8 out of 5 stars on LendingTree; and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call 888-277-1567 to speak with a licensed reverse mortgage specialist to learn about our retirement financing products and solutions.

*Available to borrowers as young as 55 in select states only. Higher minimum age requirements may apply. Visit for details.

**Borrowers who elect a fixed rate loan will receive a single disbursement lump sum payment. Other payment options are available only for adjustable rate mortgages. 

***As with any mortgage, you must meet your loan obligations, keeping current with property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. 


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