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Retire Your Way: Live Your Best Years with the Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage Loan

Growing old is a privilege — thankfully one that more and more Americans will experience. The first Baby Boomers turned 65 in 2011, and since then, there’s been a swift increase in the size of the 65-and-older population, which grew by over a third since 2010. In fact, no other age group has seen such fast growth.

Retirement News, Financing Retirement, Retirement Planning, Retirement Tips

Fact Checking Reverse Mortgages

Did you know that April 2 was International Fact Checking Day? Since there are so many misconceptions about reverse mortgages, it seems like the ideal time to lay them to rest and discuss how reverse mortgages can be a powerful financial planning tool — especially in today’s financial climate:

Here are some common reverse mortgage myths you may have heard:

  • They’re considered a last resort when you have no other options
  • This type of loan takes advantage of older homeowners
Retirement News, Retirement Planning, Retirement Tips

What to do When You Realize You’re Not Financially Ready for Retirement

Retirement age is approaching, and you may be thrilled to leave the nine-to-five behind for good. But what happens when your finances don’t align with the lifestyle you’ve been envisioning?

Bottom line: it’s never too late to get your finances in order. As part of National Financial Literacy Month, here are five tips to help boost your financial wellness.

Retirement News, Retirement Planning

5 Reasons Why a Reverse Mortgage Loan is Not a Last Resort

If you’re an older homeowner with good credit, should you consider a reverse mortgage? 

Reverse mortgages have long been viewed through a negative lens — an option for older homeowners who have run out of other options. In fact, they can offer retirees numerous benefits as a smart financial planning tool. As with any financial commitment, it requires careful consideration and education to ensure it’s the right decision for your situation.