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Eliminating Home Safety Risks During National Bath Safety Month
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Eliminating Home Safety Risks During National Bath Safety Month

Did you know that the bathtub can be one of the most dangerous spaces in your home? More than 230,000 people visit emergency rooms each year due to bathroom-related mishaps, according to the Centers for Disease Control. And nearly 14% of them are hospitalized for their injuries.

January is National Bath Safety Month, and it’s a great time to learn more about what you can do to take precautions and avoid potentially serious injuries:  

Install accommodating equipment. We all lose mobility as we age, and a slippery tub or shower stall is no place to lose your balance. Consider making simple modifications, like installing a shower chair for stability and comfort, or swapping out a fixed shower head for an adjustable one. Don’t rely on towel racks or a sliding glass door to prevent falls. Consider wall-mounted grab bars inside and out of the shower and tub as a smart safety addition.

Be wary of water temperature. Shower and bath water temperatures should be just a degree or two higher than your body temperature. Check the gauge on your hot water heater and make sure it’s not set to a potentially scalding temperature.

Invest in non-slip bath mats and rugs. Non-slip mats are essential for both inside and outside the tub. Thicker options may also provide extra padding in the event of a slip or fall.

Switch to showers. While soaking in a tub may be a comfortable ritual for many people, it also creates a bigger risk for accidental injury. It may be time to nix the idea of baths altogether and stick to taking showers.

Renovate. A bathroom renovation may be the best solution for long-term safety. You can replace your standard tub with a walk-in-tub or a barrier-free shower for an easier entrance and exit. While you’re at it, add a built-in bench or seat to increase comfort and usability. You may also want to invest in a “comfort height” toilet and vanity to eliminate unnecessary bending.

The price of home safety & security

As you and your family members get older, home safety may become more of a priority — but renovations to remove hazards and increase usability can carry sizeable price tags.

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