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Fun Ahead: 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Retirement
Healthy Living, Retirement Tips

Fun Ahead: 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Retirement

Retirement freedom is in full effect. You have all the time in the world to catch up on your favorite shows, visit family and friends, and take in a game of golf. But with all this newfound time on your hands, is your daily routine getting a little lackluster?

Because retirees are not consumed with work or raising children, they have an abundance of discretionary time — an average of almost 7.5 hours a day. And over 80% of retirees want to fill that time with as many memorable experiences as they can. If you’re looking to spice up your routine, here are some ideas to jumpstart the excitement.

1. Learn something new. Have you always wanted to speak Spanish, ride a motorcycle or learn to play the guitar? (April is International Guitar Month, so there’s no better time than now!) Whatever your interests, learning a new skill or craft can give you something to look forward to each day. Check out the local college or community center for classes, tune into YouTube for how-to videos, or visit the library for instructional books on your new venture.

2. Travel the world. You’re no longer bound by limited vacation days from your employer, so why not get out of town? A change of scenery can be exhilarating and the perfect way to recharge your battery. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a cruise or visit Europe? If there’s an incredible getaway you’ve been eyeing on the Travel Channel, get online and start planning the trip of your dreams.

3. Take off in an RV. If you’re not quite ready to travel the world, buy or rent a recreational vehicle (RV) to see the country. Take a cross-county trip on historic Route 66. Or drive along California’s coastline from San Diego to San Francisco. An RV vacation can be a better choice than traditional travel, especially if you’re looking for cost savings, flexibility and bonding with your travel partner(s). Never traveled in an RV before? Be sure to do some homework so you can make a travel plan that fits your style and budget.

4. Head back to school. Learning doesn’t end just because you’ve retired. Finish your diploma, get a certificate, or go back for a degree. When you’re pursuing an education purely because you want to, you’ll get more enjoyment out of going to class and tackling each assignment. And imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you get the highest score on an exam! Check out which colleges near you offer special discounts or programs geared to retirees.  

5. Challenge yourself physically. Physical fitness is critical to health as we grow older, so why not set new goals to achieve your healthiest self? Sign up to walk a 5K, or start training to see how many laps you can swim at the local Y. As an added benefit, regular exercise can help bump up the production of endorphins, ultimately improving your mood and reducing stress. In honor of National Stress Awareness Day on April 18, you might even want to try an exercise known for its therapeutic effects, like yoga or tai chi.

6. Volunteer — locally or abroad. Your retirement years are a great time to give back. And the thrill of helping people and communities in need may be just want you’re missing. There are numerous ways to volunteer locally, but there are also opportunities to lend a hand overseas, from teaching school children in Tanzania, to helping care for sick and injured animals in Costa Rica, to simply using your experience and knowledge to help others anywhere in the world. It can be rewarding (and exciting) to help others and connect with like-minded people.

Financing your post-retirement fun

Remember, retirement is a journey — not a destination. And you want to make sure you have fun along the way. If you’re looking for options to fund your free time, without selling your home, a reverse mortgage may be a smart choice if you’re a homeowner age 62 or older. A special type of home loan designed specifically for people who are in or approaching retirement, it  allows you to turn some of the equity in your home into funds you can use as you choose, and give yourself more financial freedom and flexibility.

In fact, according to Jamie Hopkins, associate professor of taxation at The American College of Financial Services, a reverse mortgage is an “underutilized asset and tool for Americans. If properly used, it can be one of the best features of your retirement income plan.”

To learn more about reverse mortgages, get answers to any questions you might have, and find out if it might be a good option for you , call Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC (RMF) at 888-277-1567 to speak with an experienced reverse mortgage specialist.  

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