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5 Ways You Can Honor Members of the U.S. Armed Forces on Veterans Day
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5 Ways You Can Honor Members of the U.S. Armed Forces on Veterans Day

In 2017, there were 18.2 million veterans living in the United States, with roughly 50% of those veterans being over the age of 65. These brave men and women can be found among our grandparents, parents, siblings, spouses, and partners. And, every year on November 11th, we take the time to honor and thank them for the sacrifices they’ve made to protect the United States. 

Founded in 1919, a year after the end of World War I, Veteran’s Day (or Armistice Day as it was then known) became a national holiday to recognize all American veterans, living or deceased, and the sacrifices they have made for our country.

Whether you are a veteran, know a veteran, or simply want to show your support, you can spend November 11th honoring those who served or are still serving our country. Here are five ways how:

1. Fly an American flag

Whether or not you are a veteran, consider displaying a flag to show your support for the veterans in your community or around the country. Hanging a flag outside of your house (or wearing one on your lapel) is a time-honored way of showing your pride and gratitude for our service members. If you are going to display an outdoor flag, be sure to observe proper flag etiquette

2. Saying “thank you” goes a long way

If you know a veteran, take the time to say thank you for their service. A simple phone call, text message, or email to let someone know you are thinking about them can mean a great deal to the recipient. Or, if you have more time, send a handwritten thank you note or care package. This gesture may not seem like a lot to you, but a showing of your gratitude could make all the difference in the life of a veteran. 

3. Spend some time with a veteran

And speaking of brightening a veteran’s day, why not spend the day with a service member? Take them out for a cup of coffee, a walk around their neighborhood, or dinner at their favorite restaurant. You can even prepare some questions about their time in the military (but remember to be respectful of their privacy). Most of all, remember that this time is about them and you only want to show your appreciation!

4. Observe the National Two Minutes of Silence

Wherever you are at 2:11 PM EST, take two minutes to reflect on the impact that the men and women of the armed forces have had on our country. If you know a veteran, think about the difference they have made in your life. This two-minute period takes place at the same time nationally depending on individual time zones.

5. Be part of the #BeThere Campaign

According to research, for veterans age 55 to 74 years old, the rate of suicide is 26 per 100,000. The #BeThere initiative, launched by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, brings awareness to the number of veterans who have taken their own lives. The #BeThere campaign reminds people that everyone can make a difference in preventing suicide by doing things like calling an old friend or checking in with a neighbor.  

Stand United this Veterans Day

It doesn’t matter if you have five minutes or five hours to spare, you can make a huge difference in a veteran’s life this November 11th. Remember, it’s not so much about what you do but that you make an effort to do something. 

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Equity Elite Reverse Mortgage (“Equity Elite”) is Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC’s proprietary loan program, and it is not affiliated with the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan program, which is insured by FHA. Equity Elite is available to qualified borrowers who also may be eligible for FHA’s HECM program or are seeking loan proceeds that are higher than FHA’s HECM program limit. Equity Elite currently is available only for eligible properties in select states. Please contact your loan originator to see if it is currently available in your state.

Upon a maturity event, any non-borrowing individuals with an ownership interest in the property, including non-borrowing spouses, will have a short period of time (for example, 30 days from a due and payable letter or an alternate time specified by the loan servicer if extensions are available under the circumstances) to purchase the property from the estate or, if the non-borrower inherits the property, pay the loan in full using any sources of funds available to them. Any non-borrowing individual, including a non-borrowing spouse, should have a plan to pay off an Equity Elite reverse mortgage upon the borrower’s death or any other maturity event. If the non-borrower is unwilling or unable to purchase the property or pay the loan in full, there is no protection for the non-borrower (including a non-borrower spouse) to maintain an interest in the home or to continue residing in the home past the maturity event and the non-borrower may be evicted upon foreclosure. The FHA HECM program has protections in place for certain non-borrowing parties, so a reverse mortgage applicant with certain non-borrowing parties should strongly consider a FHA-insured HECM loan (see HECM guidelines or ask an RMF representative for details). Under the Equity Elite reverse mortgage loan program, a maturity and/or default event occurs when the last surviving borrower no longer lives in the home as his or her primary residence for at least 12 months, the property charges (including taxes, insurance, or any other property charges) are not paid, required repairs are not completed or the property is not maintained, or any other maturity and/or default event, as specified in the Security Instrument, occurs.

||Not applicable in all states; some states may impose a higher age requirement. Visit for details.




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